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 Learning Zone

Featuring Chalk Talks and Podcasts, bitesize learning videos and audios to get your teeth stuck into whilst your child is napping or whilst on your coffee break at work. Our topics include:

  • What are speech, language and communication skills?
  • How children learn to talk
  • Technology dos and don’ts
  • Dummies, bottles and talking


We have loads of practical activities for babies, toddlers and preschool children:

  • Attention and listening games
  • Early interaction and playtime fun
  • Understanding words and instructions
  • Using words and sentences
  • Supporting speech sound development

Booster Plans

Step by step booster plans for you to carry out at home to support your child’s speech, language and communication development, including:

  • Language Enrichment 
  • Vocab Boosters
  • Sound Games and Sound Awareness 


We have a members only, online forum where you can connect with other members, share ideas and chat about experiences.

We also love to see pictures of the activities that our members have recreated at home!

Plus, lots of FREE downloadable resources, regular updates and links to other great sources of information from our recommended expert organisations.

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We are also working hard to bring you more videosactivities, Podcasts, booster plans and so much more… watch this space!

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