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We offer a range of options to support your child’s speech and language development in a more structured and targeted way. We also offer specialist assessment and intervention with a qualified Speech & Language Therapist. Take a look at our therapy options….


 Face to Face Therapy 


We have an Independent Speech and Language Therapy Service offering face to face, traditional speech and language therapy support in some regions of the UK. We offer services to both parents and education settings for preschool and school age children, delivered by our qualified and experienced Speech & Language Therapists.

Image Text: Face to Face Assessment

Face to Face Assessment

We offer comprehensive assessment, face to face with you and your child
Image Text: One to One Therapy

One to One Therapy

We offer a flexible, range of face to face therapy options tailored to your child's needs
Image Text: Setting Support

Setting Support

We will also provide services to early years and primary settings in Gloucestershire and Bristol.



We offer a virtual assessment and therapy for preschool and school age children using a video platform with a qualified and experienced Speech & Language Therapist, wherever you are in the UK.

Image Text: Virtual Consultations

Virtual Consultations

We offer video consultations with just you and a qualified Speech & Language Therapist to discuss your child's development. Includes a report, targets and suggested activities.
Image Text: Online Assessment

Online Assessment

We offer assessment via online video platform with both you and your child. Includes a report, targets and recommended activities tailored to the assessment outcome.
Image Text: One to One Therapy

One to One Therapy

We offer fun and engaging online therapy sessions for a range of communication needs, including speech sound disorders and language disorders.


Skills Booster Online 

We also have a more affordable option for young children who are late talkers or have a mild delay in their early speech and language development. For just £14.99 a month we offer….

Image Text: Booster Plans

Booster Plans

Boost your child's skills with our range of plans which target listening, language and speech sound development.
Image Text: Ask Supporting Talking

Ask Supporting Talking

Connect with a Speech & Language Therapist via our forum and ask questions or browse our speech and language FAQs
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Recreate communication fun at home with unlimited access to all of the downloadable games in our shop plus many more!


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