Below you will find a selection of resources that can be downloaded for FREE to recreate games and activities at home. Feel free to use these as you wish but we ask that you do not distribute or reproduce these materials for commercial purposes and if you use them other than for personal use then please credit


DIY Games 

Although most commercial games can be adapted into a speech or language reward game they can be expensive. We’ve got a few games here for you that you can make at home and adapt for speech sound or language reward games.


Image Text: Fishing Game

Fishing Game

Make your own magnetic fishing rod to create a fun fishing game at home
Image Text: Skittles


Rummage through the recycling bin to recreate your own skittles game
Image Text: Posting Box

Posting Box

Make your own posting box at home for posting game cards or visual timeline pictures



 Visual Aids 

Now Next Board
Stop Go Symbols




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As well as Supporting Talking, there are lots of organisations that offer advice, support and information on speech, language and communication development but sometimes it can be hard to know the ones to trust. We would always advocate sticking to UK sites where possible as sometimes the practices and theoretical belief models in other countries may be slightly different. Below are some links to our favourite and trusted sites for you to explore….






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