Early Years Settings


 Early Years Settings 

On this page, we’ve put together advice and resources to support the speech, language and communication development of all children in your setting. You will also find the information and tools identify children with speech, language and communication needs to enable you to make quality referrals in order to access timely support for those in your settle who need a little extra help.


 How do I know if a child’s speech and language skills are on track?

Children learn to talk through their everyday interactions with you and all the other people in their lives. Knowing the early milestones can help you to keep an eye on children’s progress and make sure they’re on track. Tools for this include:




  How do I make a speech and language referral?


For speech and language services, a referral is accepted or rejected based on the information provided by the referrer. Using a systematic approach can help you to decide if a referral is appropriate at that time and to provide the service with comprehensive information needed to help their decision making. We love these documents produced by The Communication Trust (the content of which Nicola contributed to during her time at the charity) which support your decision making and information gathering:


Decision Making Process
Considering the Whole Child
Building a Profile




  How can I support the skills of children in my setting?


Image Text: As a Practitioner

As a Practitioner

We have tips, strategies and activities to help you support children's speech, language and communication development. Plus learning opportunities to improve your knowledge.
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Image Text: As a Leader

As a Leader

Here you will find information about your roles and responsibilities as a setting leader but advice on workforce development and commissioning speech and language services.

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