Make Your Own Posting Box

Posting Box

This little handy tool can turn any speech and language task into a fun game!
Recipe image
Prep Time
15 Minutes
Materials Needed
An empty tissue box (this has a pre-maded hole in the top so ideal for posting things in!)
Wrapping paper
Sticky tape
1. Gather all pieces ready for assembly.

2. Wrap the tissue box up in wrapping paper, making a mental note where the hole is.

3. Secure the wrapping paper with sticky tape.

4. Using the scissors, cut open the wrapping paper to reveal the hole in the tissue box and secure the edges around the hole with sticky tape so the wrapping paper stays put.

5. Your posting box is now ready to post your phonics cards or vocabulary cards into!
Note of caution
If your child is involved with the making of this item ensure you supervise the use of the scissors.