Make Your Own Magnetic Fishing Rod

Magnetic Fishing Rod

This little handy tool can turn any speech and language task into a fun game...just add paperclips!
Recipe image
Prep Time
15 Minutes
Materials Needed
Piece of dowling (approx 12")
String (approx 12")
Small magnet (with a hole in the middle for threading)
Pretend fish (speech sound or vocab cards or pictures of fish!)
1. Gather all pieces ready for assembly.

2. Thread the string through the hole in the magnet and secure with a knot.

3. Tie other end of the string around the end of the dowling securing with a knot.

4. To play a fishing game, secure paper clips to lightweight items or pieces of paper, for our speech and language games we use the phonics cards or vocabulary cards.

5. You pick up the cards by touching the magnet to the paper away!
Note of caution
Children must be supervised at all times when making and using this item. The magnet may become a choking hazard if it comes loose and also children tend to like to swing the fishing rod around creating a flying hazard!