Board Game & Accessories

Board Game & Accessories

This diy version of a classic game can transform any speech and language task into a fun game!
Recipe image
Prep Time
15 Minutes
Materials Needed
A4 printing card or paper (card is better)
Glue or sticky tape
A printer
To make the board game:

1. Simply print out onto A4 card or paper - we recommend laminating your board game so it lasts longer.

To make your dice:

1. Print our your dice onto A4 card or paper.
2. Cut out the cube template
3. Fold along the inside lines
4. Apply glue on the tabs and glue the tabs behind the adjacent faces.

To make your counters:

1. Print out your counters onto A4 card or paper
2. Cut out the counters
3. Fold along the inside edge above 'fold under' to support your counter to stand.

To play the board game:

1. Select a counter per player and decide who will go first.
2. Roll the dice and move your counter the number of spaces shown and name the picture you land on. You may need to help your child to say their target sound or word.
3. The next person has their turn and so on until the 'finish' star is reached.
Note of caution
If your child is involved with the making of this item ensure you supervise the use of the scissors.



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