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key questions to ask about your childs language development


Why isn't my child talking?
  Children may be late to talk for a variety of reasons. For some children, they may be developing their skills but at a slower rate than their peers. Others may have a particular difficulty learning language and need specialist support to help them to develop their skills. Speech and language difficulties may also be associated with difficulties in other areas such as with hearing, cognition and other aspects of development.

What is a late talker?
A “Late Talker” is a child (typically between 18-30 months) who has good understanding of language, typically developing play skills, motor skills, thinking skills, and social skills, but has a limited spoken vocabulary for his or her age.

Why is speech, language and communication development important anyway?
It is well reported that speech, language and communication skills underpin all aspects of a child’s non-physical development. It is the foundation for learning, social interaction, relationships and mental wellbeing. Children whose language skills are not supported are more at risk of poorer educational outcomes, social isolation, unemployment and poorer mental wellbeing. The latest evidence suggests that speech, language and communication skills are very important to life chances and happiness.

Who is this website for?
Mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, caregivers, childminders, early years practitioners, nannies, godparents, student Speech and Language Therapists…. This membership is for anyone who is interested in learning more about speech, language and communication in order to support young children’s development. Our information is relevant to children up to school reception age, or may be suited to slightly older children at a similar developmental stage.

What will I get with my Skills Booster plan?

For just £9.99, you will have access to a variety of activities and resources for a whole month. These include:

A range of ‘at home’ Booster Plans to support your child with specific skill areas such as attention and listening, developing their understanding and use of language and speech sound development.

Unlimited access and use of our Downloads library. Here you can download and print out resources to recreate activities at home or visual aids to support communication development.

Access to our Ask Supporting Talking forum. Here you can connect with a Speech & Language Therapist to ask questions via the forum, share your experiences with other parents or browse our speech and language FAQs.

Take a look at our Therapy Centre for more information.

Can I stop my membership at any time?
YES! Our monthly subscription offers you the flexibility of cancelling at any time. If you ever feel Supporting Talking is not suiting your needs or your child has made the progress expected and your subscription is no longer required, you can always cancel and you are welcome back anytime.

Can I fit this around my work and family life?
YES! That is why Supporting Talking exists. We created a flexible solution to enable you to support your child’s needs at home and around your family life. All of our resources are available online for you to access practical activities and strategies to support your child’s speech, language and communication skills whatever stage of development they are currently at.

Can I access the site on my tablet or mobile phone?
YES! Supporting Talking is compatible with both AppleMac and Android tablets and mobile devices. In the unlikely event that you experience any technical difficulties please contact us and let us know. Some pages have a lot of visual content and may take a little longer to load depending upon your broadband bandwidth or 4G signal so please bear this in mind when using tablet or mobile devices. 

Can I download paper copies of the booster plans or activities?
Supporting Talking are making efforts to be an environmentally conscious organisation and to limit our carbon footprint. Where possible we encourage you to access the information on your computer or mobile device and to use existing, real items to avoid unnecessary waste. We do offer some printable resources and activity packs in our shop as well as our library of downloadable resources where we feel these are important to enhance an activity or create a visual aid for your child but at the moment we do not offer the Booster Plans as whole downloadable packs. If having downloadable, hard copies of the booster plans or activities is important to you then please let us know, we will always carefully consider feedback and suggestions from our members.