Musical Movers

 Aim of the game:

Listening skills are really important foundation skills for learning words and speech sounds, and are really important for school readiness. This fun Musical Movers game is similar to the classic party game ‘Musical Statues’ and teaches children listening skills on the move.



 What you will need:

 A device that plays music – this could be a mobile phone, iPad, radio or CD player/stereo.


 How to play:

  • Introduce the game to your child by telling them you’re going to play a listening game.
  • Explain that while the music is playing they can move, dance, jump or run around but, when the music stops, they must stand still.
  • Explain that they will need to remain still until the music starts playing again.
  • Play the music device and at sporadic, random intervals stop the music. This way you can be sure your child is really listenings and not just cleverly picking up on and relying on timing patterns.



 How to extend:

  • Use loud music at first to make it easy for your child to hear the transition. As they get good at the game, turn the volume down so they have to listen even harder.
  • You could give your child some actions to follow when the music stops and change this every few goes to help them to follow instructions and practice memory skills (e.g. ‘when the music stops…sit on the floor’, or ‘when the music stops…. put your hands on your head’ etc)
  • Try to catch your child out by turn the music down instead of turning it fully off.
  • Play this with a group of children so your child learns to listen in a group and with distractions.




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