Car Boxes

 Aim of the game:

Children’s imagination is key to language development and by this point it’s likely that your child’s imagination will be coming to life through their play. Most preschool are starting to use more abstract props in their play and slightly older children will be starting to take on character roles and act out events. This fun craft activity of making a car from a cardboard box can help support your child’s imagination, help them learn how to play cooperatively with you and create a fun prop for role play.



 What you will need:

  A large cardboard box – big enough for your child to comfortably sit in.

 Sticky tape or parcel tape

 Scissors (please supervise carefully)

 Craft paint. You will need black for the tyres and whichever colour(s) you wish for the body of the car

 Paint brushes and trays to pour the paint into

4 paper plates (these will become the wheels)

 Tin foil cut into two circles about 5″ in diameter (these will become the lights)

Non-toxic glue

 Paint aprons or old clothes to wear – it’s going to get messy!!!

 Warning! Make sure you use child safe paint and glue products and be mindful of your child’s allergies if they have any.



 How to play:

  • Introduce the game to your child by telling them you’re going to transform an old cardboard box into a super duper car for them to play in.
  • Present your cardboard box, seal all the edges and joins with tape so the box won’t collapse or come open.
  • Lay the box on the floor so the long edge is against the ground and the short edge is upright.
  • Cut a square out of the top of the box but leave about a third behind at the front for the bonnet. This will be the top of the car and where your child will get in and out.
  • Paint the car box whatever colour you wish and leave it to dry according to the paint instructions.
  • Whilst the box is drying, move on to painting your paper plates. Paint the outer rim black for the tyres and either leave the inner section white or if you wish you could paint this part silver. Leave to dry.
  • Once the box is dry, stick the two silver foil circles (headlights) on the front with glue and the four paper plates positioned as the car wheels.
  • If you wish you can paint on additional features such as doors, number plate etc.



 How to extend:

  • Peg a little basket to the side of your car and pretend that you are at a drive-in movie.
  • Help your child to pretend to go on lots of adventures in the car – shopping, trips to the seaside etc.
  • Pretend that the car is broken and won’t start, or make one of the wheels fall off and see if your child can come up with any ideas of how to fit it. 




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