Sound Baskets

 Aim of the game:

Exploring sounds and learning to tune into different noises is fundamental to learning to talk. A Sound Basket gives your baby an opportunity to explore the different noises that objects make and to learn that their actions and movement can create sound. As with Treasure Baskets, you’ll just need to make sure all items are baby safe as they are likely to put them in their mouth.


 What you will need:

 A baby safe willow or wicker basket to put the objects in. A box or tub is fine as an alternative.

Items to shake:

Clear water bottles filled with either dried rice, pulses, pasta or buttons. Make sure you fasten the lid tightly so baby can’t get to the contents!

 Wooden curtain rings – tie bells to ribbon and then attach to the curtain ring. Or, put three or four plastic shower curtain rings on the wooden ring to make a rattle.

 Small tubs or coffee tins with a small amount of rice, pasta or sand. Again, just make sure it’s well sealed so baby can’t get to the contents.

Items to bang together or tap:  

A wooden spoon and a metal pan

Two small metal lids to bang together 

A small metal pot or colander and a metal spoon

 Two small plastic cups or bowls

 A large Tupperware tub and a wooden spoon or drum stick




 How to play:

  • Turn off any distractions such as the TV, radio, put your mobile phone on silent etc
  • Sit or lie down opposite your baby so you are face to face, this way you can see their reaction and share the enjoyment as you explore the items together
  • Present the basket to your baby and wait to allow them time to explore the items first. If they are hesitant, then you can demo to them what to do.
  • Try to let them explore the objects and make sounds in their own way rather than leading or directing the play, this way they’ll feel they are making new discoveries and will want to explore more!



 How to extend:

  • If you don’t have any items at home that are safe for your baby to get their hands on you can use shop bought toy musical instruments, drums and rattles as an alternative.
  • Turn this into a turn-taking game by giving a noise maker your baby and one to yourself. Wait for them to tap, bang or shake theirs first and then you have your turn. Pause, and wait for them to have another turn and repeat.
  • When your baby is a little older they will be able to play games such as ‘stop-go!’ with the noise makers. When you say ‘go!’ you can make lots of noise and when you say ‘stop!’ you and your baby stop banging, shaking or tapping. This is great for building early listening and concentration skills.
  • Change up the toys in the Sound Basket! By rotating and changing the toys in the sound basket your child will never get bored and will have the opportunity to explore different sounds.



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