Aim of the game:

This classic game has been around since time began and is still a brilliant way of teaching your baby that interaction and communication is fun. It builds anticipation, encourages them to look at your face and helps to strengthens your bond with your baby. Best of all you can do it absolutely anywhere and it doesn’t cost a penny.


 What you will need:

 Something to hide behind such as a blanket – this can be your hands if you don’t have anything to hand.


 How to play:

  • Sit opposite your baby so you are face to face and let them know you are going to play peekaboo by saying “let’s play peekaboo”  
  • Hide your face behind the blanket or your hands and slowly emerge smiling and saying “peekaboo!”
  • If your baby is nearing their first birthday you can be a little more dramatic with your ‘peekaboo’ as they become less startled by surprises.


 How to extend:

  • Put the blanket over baby instead of you and say “where have you gone?” before slowly pulling off the blanket and saying “peekaboo!”
  • You can use a soft voile material instead of a blanket as these are translucent so your baby can see through it a little.
  • You could sing the ‘where oh where?’ song to build up anticipation before you gently pull off the blanket.

  Listen to the song here:

Column content
Column content
  • Build peekaboo into your routine activities to make them more fun. For example, hide behind the sponge at bath time or behind a clean nappy at changing times. 



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