Imitation Game

 Aim of the game:

Imitation and copying is one of the most important ways babies and children learn. Copying your baby’s noises and actions offers reassurance that what they are doing is welcome and valid but also encourages them to do more of the same. What’s so great about this activity is that you can do it anywhere at anytime.



 What you will need:

 Absolutely nothing! Just you and your child.


 How to play:

  • Sit opposite your baby so you are face to face 
  • Take some time to watch your baby’s facial expressions and listen to their noises
  • Copy their noises or facial expressions and leave a pause after to see how your baby responds
  • Always respond to your baby’s attempts to reinforce their learning
  • Once you have a back and forth imitation game going try imitating but adding something new to show them something different



 How to extend:

  • When your baby is a little older you can try sitting in front of a big mirror so they can see you and their reflection  
  • Copy your baby’s noises as well as their facial expressions
  • As your baby gets older they will start to use their hands and body more to communicate so you can try things like clapping hands, doing a wind the bobbin action or waving to see if they can copy you.



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